Dealing With Negative Comments About Your Exercise Practices

Once you've incorporated exercise into your lifestyle, it will impact other aspects of your life that might invite comments or criticisms from people you know. Use the suggestions below to respond without anger to comments that are critical of your new routine.

If someone you know claims they don't have the kind of time you have for exercise, that may be true for a variety of reasons. Always validate the statement by acknowledging the person is busy and explain how you've made time for your exercise routine.

If someone you know claims that exercise is a selfish activity that takes time away from doing for others, acknowledge that exercise is something that you are doing for yourself but that you hope to set an example to others, including those in your family, that pursuing a healthy lifestyle should be part of their goals.

If someone criticizes the money you spend on gym membership or training, the first thing you should consider is who is doing the complaining. If your spouse is complaining or someone who supports you in some financial way is complaining, then you do owe that person consideration of the objection. Determine whether you can incorporate an exercise routine into your life that uses videos or outdoor exercise such as biking or walking instead of paying for a gym membership. Also communicate that a gym membership is a priority for you and that your budget goals include a gym membership.

When someone remarks on how much money you're spending on workout clothing, don't respond unless you've calculated how much money you spend on workout clothing and can provide that person with a dollar amount. Use the comment as an opportunity to add up all the costs from sneakers to tops that you spend on these clothes over the course of a full year. You can communicate that you're not sure how much you spend on workout clothing, but you're going to determine that amount and you'll get back to the person.

If someone comments to you that all you talk about is exercise and food and it's true, explain that healthy lifestyle changes are still new for you and you're excited about the possibilities they offer. You should also try to stop talking about exercise and fitness with someone who's not interested in the subject matter just as you would with any other topic.

Don't start giving exercise advice to people if they don't ask you for advice. While your own success may encourage you to feel like you've got the answers, you aren't really an exercise expert unless you've been trained as such. Until then, you're a person who exercises. Your advice, when you appropriately offer it to someone else, should always reflect that your knowledge comes from your own exercise experience rather than formal training.

Lifestyle changes such as incorporating exercise into your life can frequently prompt some negative comments and reactions from those you know. Use the suggestions above to respond appropriately to some criticisms you might hear as a result of starting an exercise program.

Source by Dr. Ashraf Hanafy Mahmoud Mohammed

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