Top 12 Tips on How to Use Facebook

Facebook, one of the widest social networking site that has been around the web for quite some time now. It has been a great way to start socializing with people, keeping in touch with friends and love ones, as well as a new way of starting a small e-commerce business. Indeed, Facebook has become a useful tool for people's lives. Here are some helpful tips for you to take note to enjoy Facebook!

1. Your Account – supposed you still have no account on Facebook and you want to have one. Well it's as easy as one-two-three. On its home page, you can already see their sign up form. All you have to do is fill it up and follow the instructions that they're gonna give. After signing up you can still edit your account by going to Account >> Account Settings.

2. Filling up your profile – after your registration, you need to fill up some of the boxes that will ask your personal information. I suggest you fill them up, but always remember to secure your privacy. Never expose too much of yourself to prevent your personal information to be known through out the whole web. You can always edit and customize your profile by going to Profile >> Info >> Edit.

3. Photo Uploading – everyone loves photos, so Facebook has a nice way on how you can show off your great smiles. One is the profile picture album, a custom album made only for your profile pictures. Just click Upload button and look for your coolest photo, and in a matter of seconds you now have a great photo displayed on your profile. Another one is the photo albums; this is where you can upload up to 200 photos per album. Facebook uses a nice photo uploader that makes it easier for us users to upload our photos from PC to Facebook.

4. Mobile Facebook – this is Facebook's feature that asks for your mobile phone number, it is not compulsory thing that you need to do. But this may allow you to experience Facebook even in your mobile phones, where you can receive updates via SMS messages. Another advantage of this feature is that when you forget your password, they can just send it into your mobile phones.

5. Facebook Chat – one of Facebook's edge among other social networking sites. It is the ability for you to chat with your friends via Facebook. You can see a small rectangular box on the bottom-right portion of your screens. There it indicates your friends that are online and available for chat. Just click a friend's name and a small chat box would appear, and you'll just type and start chatting.

6. "What's on your mind?" Status bar – this is Facebook's core, found on your home pages. A huge box saying "what's on your mind?", here you express what you want or update your friends on what ever thing you are currently into. In this box, you can also share links from other sites, videos and photos. Basically, it's just a shout out box where you say what ever you like.

7. The like button and comment box. – These features allow you to interact on your friends statuses. They are found below your statuses, photo, links and videos. The like button serves as an easy way of showing of agreement or appreciation to your friend's status. While the comment box is a free wall to share insights to your friend's status.

8. Wall post box – a feature like the "what's on your mind?" box. The only difference is you are posting something on your friend's wall. This box is seen on your friend's profile and looks like the "what's on your mind?" box.

9. Notifications and News feeds- this is another unique feature of Facebook. This is where you are get updates from friends. New feeds are seen on your home page, you can always click on "Top news" to know what's trending in your circle of friends or "Most recent" for the newest updates. On the other hand Notifications are updates that are related to you, like who likes your photo, who commented on your photo and etc. It's an updated that is always related to your recent activities. You can always check your notifications by pressing the "world" icon on the top-left portion on your screen.

10. Privacy settings – this is Facebook's way to assure you that you have full privacy and can only share your information with the people you know. You can use this feature by going to Account >> Privacy Settings. There you can see ways to edit your privacy settings that gives you protection from the minimum level of security up to supreme. Here you can also custom the people whom you want your information to be hidden.

11. Managing friends – at first you gain friends by searching them at the search box. After you found your friend, press the "add button" then wait for your friend's approval. You can also approve friends by checking your requests on the top-left part of your screen you'll see an icon with two people on it. There you'll see the people that requested to be your friend. You can also manage your friends by going to Account>>Manage Friends. Here you delete them or sort them by groups.

12. Messages – basically, messaging here in Facebook is quite simple. You just go to your friend's profile and click "send message to your friend's name". A pop-up window will appear where you can type in your message. Just press send and you're friend will automatically receive your message. You can check your messages at the top-left part of your screen where you will see a dialogue balloon icon.

Source by Pinky Maniri

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